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Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision :To become an excellent and leading university in Indonesia educating professional workforce who are ready to meet expectations of both industries and the community in the global competition by 2024

Mission :

  1. Administering education, research and community services, creating and implementing academic excellence to educate professional workforce to meet the expected professionals standards;
  2. Executing an effective and efficient higher education management, through work development networks, cooperation with industries and sustainable partnerships with national and international institutions;
  3. Developing the competences of students and teaching staff while nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics as a means of improving the quality of life.

The mechanism of creating the vision, mission, objectives and target of PS S1 Department of Civil Engineering briefly explained as follows :

1) Evaluate and analyze the internal strength and weakness based on the data and information to utilize the opportunity and to overcome the threats in achievement process of PS S1  Department of Civil Engineering. 
Description of values of vision, mission, objective and target :
1) Menara Bhakti Foundation UMB, University and Faculty of Engineering.
2) Data/information collection from the stakeholder (experts, industries, alumni, student, lecturer, foundation and etc.).
3) Conduct team meeting to discuss and analyze an input from the stakeholders.
4) Analyze the comprehensive situation in terms of the quality needs of human resources or graduated students of Department of Civil Engineering in the future.
5) Assumptions of science and technology development as well as expert in PS S1  Department of Civil Engineering in the future.
6) Planning development in terms of physical development of PS S1  Department of Civil Engineering in the future in terms of facilities and infrastructure as well as organization development.
7) Refer to rule/guidance of government policy.
8) Draft arrangement of vision, mission, objective, target and strategies to achieve PS S1  Department of Civil Engineering.
9) Draft discussion has been developed by university and faculty committee as well as lecturers that involve the professors through the meeting.
10) Establishment of vision, mission, objective and target of PS S1  Department of Civil Engineering through chancellor’s decree. Socialize through internal meeting, pamphlet in every single room in PS, uploading in website, spreading the book to the new students, name card and etc.
Objectives :
Objectives of Faculty of Engineering is to implement the Tridarma of Higher Education in every study program of Faculty of Engineering based on the target appointed :

  1. Produce graduate of each study program of Faculty of Engineering who has a soul of Pancasila, high integration and professional engineer in civil, electrical, mechanical, architecture, and industrial field as well as to meet a quality appointed. field.
  2. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness in human resources management based on purpose of developing management skill, leading and research development, social services and collaboration with all party based on transparency and accountability.
  3. Improve the ability, competencies and developing entrepreneur to achieve the graduate students in Faculty of Engineering who able to coordinate and communicate inter-discipline to improve the ability in facing the globalization.
  4. Produce graduate in each study program of Faculty of Engineering who have open minded, responsive of change and science and technology advancement as well as solve the problems.