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Vision, Mission and Objectives Architecture Engineering

Study Program Vision:

“Becoming a Leading and Leading Architecture Engineering S1 Program in Indonesia, produces Professional Workers with expertise in architecture-based green according to market needs that are globally insightful in 2024.”

Study Program Mission:

In realizing the vision set out above, the Bachelor of Architecture Study Program conducts a number of activities which are detailed as follows:

1.       Carry out research and Community Service learning programs, by applying internal quality assurance standards consistently in accordance with the Learning Design (Rapem) that has been established to produce professionals in the fields of planning, designing, and developing green-based architecture.

2.       The management of all learning, research and community service activities applies the management of education carried out in an orderly, consistent, structured and measurable manner.

Student character development is done by directing students in entrepreneurship-based lectures (9 credits of Entrepreneurship courses) with professional ethics (3 credits of Legal Aspects and Professional Ethics) and given the Professional Architect Code of Ethics to increase added value and quality of life in society.

Study Program Objectives:

The objectives of the detailed S1 Architecture Study Program are explained as follows:

1.       Provide students with the knowledge and architectural skills to master the fields of expertise in planning, designing, and developing architecture, especially green architecture very well.

2.       Provide entrepreneurial knowledge and skills so that students are able to have and convey ideas and ideas to create jobs related to the field of architecture in the environment in which they are located and pursue careers.

Providing soft skills to be able to cooperate in the environment of the profession and the wider community such as the Student Management Leadership Training (LKMM), Leadership, Student Creativity Program (PKM) and ESQ.