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Description of Department Electrical Engineering

Description of Department of Electrical Engineering

The education program in the Electrical Engineering Department includes the development of technical expertise that is very important in the lives of modern society today, namely expertise in various means of electronic mobility and telecommunications such as telephone, radio, television, instrumentation, radar, computers, control systems, satellite telecommunications systems, and informatics and expertise in the field of development of the electric energy sector which includes power generation, transmission and distribution.

Devices of electronic equipment and telecommunications as a means of mobility of various human activities in the present and the future are important needs to launch an advanced movement in the life sector, both individuals, communities, social, economic, defense, cultural and other institutions – others. Likewise with the development of primary energy in terms of producing electricity, both from hydropower, oil and gas, geothermal energy, solar, wind, nuclear energy and so on are important and very necessary facilities for industrial development, transportation, lighting roads, lighting residential homes, and central buildings for community activities.

Therefore, graduates of the Electrical Engineering expertise are directed at the ability to handle the research, development and development of the telecommunications and electric power electronics industry, handle the manufacture of telecommunication and electric power mobility equipment, and be able to develop expertise in the fields of electronics, communication and electricity. The education program in Electrical Engineering is divided into 3 specialization fields, namely: Telecommunications Engineering, Electric Power Engineering and Electronic Engineering

The field of Electrical Engineering is one of the fields of engineering that is very influential in the development of human civilization today. The contribution of Electrical Engineering is expected to continue in the future. The opening up of various human businesses is only possible with the technology developed by Eletro Engineering. The Electrical Engineering Study Program has distinguished teaching staff in every field of expertise both in education and research. They conduct research activities in a wide range of fields, including Automatic Control, Robotics, Antennas, Wireless Telecommunications, Programmable Logic Controllers, Image Processing and Machine Vision, Digital Signal Processing, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Energy Audit and Electric Power Generation Planning.

Duration of Study

4 Years (8 Semester)


  • Graduated from high school
  • Graduated from Vocational – Engineering

Laboratory facilities

To support the teaching and learning process, several Laboratory and Studio facilities are provided as follows:

  • Basic Energy Conversion
  • Electrical circuits
  • Basic Control System
  • Electrical PneumaticPLC-FESTO
  • Microprocessor System
  • Basic Electronics
  • Basic Telecommunications
  • Simulation Lab
  • Computer Lab and simulation
  • Advanced Electronics Lab
  • Basic Telecommunications Lab
  • Basic Electric Power Lab
  • Basic Electric Power Installation Lab
  • Basic electric machine lab
  • Basic antenna and wireless telecommunications lab
  • Robotic Lab
  • Digital circuit lab
  • Radio FM Lab, Mercu Buana University

Student Achievement:

  • Muhammad Yusuf Abdul Wachid Meraih Bronze Medal dalam kegiatan Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx 2020), Thailand,February 2020
  • Achmad Burhanudin berhasil mendapatkan Beasiswa Full 4 Tahun di Prodi Teknik Elektro Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Agus Setyabudi Meraih Bronze Medal dalam kegiatan Seoul International Invention Fair 2018, Desember 2018
  • Muhammad Yusuf Abdul Wachid Meraih Medali Emas dalam kegiatan 5th International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA) Bali, September 2018
  • Isthika Drawina Putri Laksana Meraih Medali Emas dalam kegiatan 5th International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA) Bali, September 2018
  • Thoriq Muhamad Hafidz Meraih Medali Emas dalam kegiatan Bandung Taekwondo International Invitation. Bandung, September 2017
  • Adikrisna Nugraha Juara 1 dalam kegiatan Lomba Short Video dalam Rangka Gebyar Lomba Ramadhan Present by Multimedia Remisya 2017
  • Faizil Fajri Meraih Juara 1 dalam kegiatan Qur’an Festival Poltekes Kemenkes Jakarta II , 2016