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Vision, Mission, Objectives of Electrical Engineering

Study Program Vision:

“Becoming a Leading and Leading Electrical Engineering Study Program in Indonesia, produces Professional Workers in the field of remote control digital systems to meet the needs of industry and society in global competition in 2024.”


  1. Realizing education management and the implementation of higher education in Civil Engineering that applies environmentally sound science and technology.
  2. Establish partnerships with various institutions in the context of implementing the Tridarma of Higher Education.
  3. Provide additional competence in English language skills as a graduation requirement and develop entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. Organizing applied research in order to develop technology in the field of Civil Engineering that is environmentally sound
  5. Organizing community service activities by involving all elements of the academic community by empowering stakeholders


The UMB Civil Engineering S1 Study Program has a goal that is detailed as follows:

  1. Equip students to have an understanding of engineering and entrepreneurship.
  2. Equip students with knowledge in engineering about structure, transportation, geotechnical, hydrotechnical, and construction management
  3. Equip students to become job creators by providing business training on canvas business workshops, establishment of entrepreneurial organizations, entrepreneurship public lectures to improve their abilities as entrepreneurs.