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Description of Industrial Engineering

Description of Industrial Engineering

With the uniqueness and characteristics possessed by graduates of Industrial Engineering, this department is one of the most desirable and sought-after majors in the job market. This is because this department is designed so that graduates will have various abilities needed by the industrial world such as the ability to formulate problems, identify solutions and evaluate the results, as well as the ability to design, operate, improve and optimize the production system of goods and services.

Industrial Engineering (Industrial Engineering) deals with the design, repair and installation of a system that integrates people, materials, tools, information, and energy to produce goods or services efficiently and effectively. This discipline also strives to achieve optimal results and management of production factors supported by technical and socio-economic feasibility considerations, by prioritizing the role of humans as the main production factor (Human Factor). The Industrial Engineering of Mercu Buana University consists of 3 specializations / concentrations: Manufacturing Systems, Management and Industrial Systems, Systems and Energy Management.

Duration of Study

4 Years (8 Semesters)


Graduated from high school / K equivalent to all majors

Laboratory facilities

To support the teaching and learning process, several Laboratory and Studio facilities are provided as follows:

  • Machine Achievement – Basic Energy Conversion
  • Basic Machine Phenomenon – Electrical Circuits
  • CAD-CAM and CNC- Basic Control Systems
  • Electrical Pneumatic-PLC-FESTO
  • Microprocessor-Mechatronics and Robotics Systems
  • Basic Electronics – Production Process
  • Basic Industrial Statistics
  • Lab System Simulation & Modeling
  • Ergonomics Lab, Factory Design, etc.

Student Achievement:

  • Nurdiah Amalia Sam :
    Scholarship is the 2nd Winner in the Chemistry Creativity Contest in South Sulawesi in 2018.
  • Poppy Novita Sari :
    Scholarship is 3rd Place in the 50M and 100M Butterfly Style Swimming Competition for the High School Women at the Provincial Level.2018
  • Tris Harsono :
    Scholarship Average Report Card Score 81.3 2017