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Vision, Mission, Objectives of Study Program in

Study Program Vision:

Being a superior and leading S1 Industrial Engineering Study Program in Indonesia, to produce graduates who are professional in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics, have entrepreneurial spirit and global insight in 2024.

Mission of Study Program:

  1. Carry out the Teaching and Learning Process based on the curriculum and learning plan set.
  2. Conduct research program activities, community service in accordance with established standard procedures.
  3. Collaborating with domestic and foreign universities, industry, academics and professional circles as a form of developing insight and knowledge in order to improve the quality of graduates, coordinating with the Directorate of Innovation and

Carry out education and student character development to build entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics in supporting the competencies given by S1 Industrial Engineering Study Program.

Study Program Objectives:

  1. Graduates students to become Bachelor of Industrial Engineering graduates who have the knowledge, skills and abilities as professionals in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics.
  2. Produce undergraduate students who have the mentality, attitude, knowledge, ability and courage as entrepreneurs.
  3. Having knowledge, abilities and attitudes as professionals in certain industrial fields.
  4. Equip students with practical knowledge by conducting internships in the service industry and goods products.
  5. Equip knowledge and skills in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Work System Engineering and Ergonomics, Industrial Management and Supply Chain & Logistics.

Give students the soft skill ability to adapt to the new work environment and society.