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Vision, Mission of Mechanical Engineering Study Program mes

Study Program Vision:

“Becoming a study program that is capable of producing superior mechanical engineering scholars, energy audit professionals and leading in Indonesia, as well as having global insight in 2024.”

Mission of Study Program:

  1. Carry out an activity program related to Tri Dharma in producing graduates who have Mechanical Engineering competencies with energy audit expertise.
  2. Implementing resource management by implementing higher education management and developing cooperation that improves the quality of learning both with industry, government and professional organizations in entering the 4.0 industrialization revolution.
  3. Develop entrepreneurial skills to build a spirit of independence and leadership as a professional engineer who has a strong foundation in the field of machinery and especially expertise in energy audits.

Study Program Objectives:

  1. UMB Mechanical Engineering S1 Study Program produces graduates who have:
  2. Moral ethics, this becomes the basis of the UMB Mechanical Engineering personality to gain trust by other parties.
  3. Integrity, obtained by giving theoretical debriefing, practicing in the field or working together in a team to complete several related projects in the learning process.
  4. Discipline, this provision has been given during the learning process to participate in all activities based on the target time and use of funds.
  5. Responsible, this provision is trained to students to carry out an activity that is in accordance with the guidelines that must be adhered to and report in accordance with the achievements that are referred to in a certain period of time.
  6. Professionalism, graduates are equipped with special competencies and professional ethics and their application in the world of work, this is trained when undergoing practical work (internships) for 1-3 months.
  7. Entrepreneurs, graduates are given the basics, training and creativity development to have independence in solving problems and roles in scientific development activities.
  8. Produce graduates who master the basics of engineering, able to:
  9. Apply and solve problems related to the energy audit field systematically.
  10. Maximum career in the work environment later in the future.
  11. Produce graduates who are able to:
  12. Work in teams, to complete a number of program activities.
  13. Creative and innovative in solving problems.
  14. Develop yourself continuously.
  15. Produce graduates who are able to:
  16. Produce useful works and can support their expertise.
  17. Make a positive contribution to company productivity.

Creating employment in the energy audit field.