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One of the achievements in implementing the Faculty of Engineering PPM through the Head of Civil Engineering Acep Hidayat, ST.MT, namely: Community Service Mambaul Ulum Multipurpose Building in Jl. H. Lebar Kelurahan Meruya Selatan collaborated with Kelurahan Meruya Selatan, Mr Lurah Ubay, S. Sos

Activity Name: Community Service of Civil Engineering Lecturer UMB (Mambaul Ulum Multipurpose Building)

Place: Jl. H. Lebar (Next to UMB Campus)

Executor: Acep Hidayat, ST.MT (Head of Civil Engineering UMB)

Time: April 4, 2019

Objective: To build facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of the community around H. Lebar in various sports and wedding events.

Benefits: Providing solutions to communities around H. Lebar in fulfilling daily activities. with effective management